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If you have a handful of people that need orientation, a collection of new managers that have a pile of work ahead of them or a filled auditorium of staff that are looking for guidance, I can help you.  Creating a common conversation about quality and understanding the theory behind quality can be an uncomfortable place for some.  I'm here to help. 

First, I'll discuss your goals with you and your managers.  Next, we come up with a plan to make your goals a reality. 

p:  (252) 305-7955

Services Available

  • Customized Internal Auditor Training

  • Understanding and Applying ISO/IEC 17025 in a Forensic Laboratory

  • Understanding and Applying ISO/IEC 17020 in a Forensic Setting

  • Preparing for the Transition to the 2017 Revision of ISO/IEC 17025

  • Risk and Opportunity Training: Learning about ISO/IEC 17025, Section 8.5

  • Clean Slate - Learning About ISO/IEC 17025 (2017)

  • Accreditation Preparation

REFERENCES available upon request.