• SEAGLASS TRAINING 2017 to present
  • ASCLD/LAB (now ANAB) 2006 to 2017
  • FBI Laboratory Division 1996 to 2006
  • Private industry 1991 to 1996

I've had the honor of training thousands of forensic scientists and managers in the areas of accreditation, assessments, internal auditing and quality assurance. 

My personal goal is to help people understand the philosophy and purpose of quality practices. 

With more than ten years of experience developing curriculum, delivering training and providing presentations and workshops in the areas of forensic laboratory quality assurance and accreditation, I can help anyone find the answer they need.


Before joining the forensic laboratory accreditation world, I worked at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Laboratory Division for ten years (Washington, DC and Quantico, Virginia).  My focus was on quality assurance, training, accreditation and managing scientific working groups (SWG).  I also served on two SWGs while collaborating with some very smart people.  I know how difficult it is to get 'buy in' and coach others to see the big picture.  The politics and personalities can be challenging.  The reward of helping people improve is tremendous. 

Before my forensic career I worked in private industry, running a destructive testing laboratory in a large manufacturing corporation.  It was an engaging and interesting job breaking and bending things, learning about the intricacies of manufacturing and absorbing plenty of experience from hardworking people in the construction and manufacturing trade. 

With degrees in chemistry and engineering management and graduate coursework in adult education and curriculum development, I bring a unique perspective to the crossroads of science and the challenge of helping organizations (and their people) embrace the concepts of quality and accreditation. 

I enjoy ongoing strong participation with the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors (ascld.org) and the Association of Forensic Quality Assurance Managers (afqam.org).  I encourage others to explore what they can learn from these very helpful and forensic focused organizations.  Participation is key to growth and mentoring for anyone. 

SEAGLASS is a gift that comes from the water - created by taking glass and throwing it into the tumult of the wild and powerful ocean.  After a while, the rough edges are smoothed and the harsh glare and slick finish gives way to a new look and comforting feel.  Becoming comfortable and confident in any task takes time - just like the gifts from the sea.  

I live in northern Virginia with my husband and two tremendously spoiled rescue puppies.

e:  seaglasstraining@gmail.com
p:  (252) 305-7955
Resume / bio available upon request

Thank you to:

  • John Neuner - for his dedication, professionalism and care - I hope I may continue his example
  • Ralph (Bud) Keaton - for his strength, caring and patience with me over the years
  • Emma Dutton - a wonderful person, an excellent traveling companion and a talented instructor
  • Matt Einseln - for believing in me and nudging me forward